Friday, September 13, 2013

Break-up tips

From personal and observed experience this wisdom has emerged!

    What not to do(basically what you've done)

  • Listen το depressing music: Taken for granted you like to listen this music and force your suicidal mood on others, i don't think you need constant reminder of how sad you are.I'm pretty sure you have enough memories to cry yourself to sleep.Also.... just put "single" not "divorced", not "widow", not "eunuch".... and stop posting the songs!!!
  •  Facebook stalking : You've seen the pictures, you've taken half of them for God sake! Why keep staring?! Sure, you want to know if she is with someone out.. but.. then what? what if the next check-in "home"? you're ready for that? Extra tip:Delete before murder or suicide occurs
  • Drinking etc :  Vodka will you forget, but the wallet will not, neither will your liver. Not to mention the texts you will regret sending at a Saturday night. But again you're drunk reading this so fuck me! Where are my tequila shots?
  • Beg : women just love a to have a man that beg them, I'm sure that when she is out flirting with a confident man she is thinking if you crying to be to stay with her.
  •  "I'll wait for you cause you're the one for me": Hmmmm, no....

The right things you can do:

  • Try new things:Like going to the gym, fatty!! It is a good way to clear your head forget what you had lost and see what you can find now. Try a new language, a martial art something you didn't usually do.
  • Change the way you look: Not the most common advice but changing the way you look you leave your past self easier and can create from scratch something different for you.Also looking the same as when you were with her, come on!
  • Use you experience on others: Giving advice will make you feel wiser and stop beating you self up with thinking you're a loser.
  • Delete her phone and pictures:Even if it ended in good terms seeing yourself together with her will only hold you back, trust me!
  • Be a player for a while: If you can do it just for a short time to gain experience.But always show you intentions before doing something, real players do it the right way and don't make a fool of b!tches!
In the way of Yoda "now my son ready you are" go and move on

Ps:Still haven't made it all the way through both lists

    Thursday, March 21, 2013

    Facebook Personalities

    Today i'm bitter and bored so i'll try to blend in with a Facebook personalities issue.

    The stalker:Legend says that no one has ever seen him/her online, but he watches everything.If you run into him at the street he will comment about that picture you took 4 years ago and thought it was funny and you will like "whaaat?!"
    Note:Some are going to avoid conversation so they won't be revealed.

    The FB celebrity:Most likely girls,have about 2 million friends in 20 different profiles and still cannot manage to get 20 likes on a status.She has confused twitter with Facebook so she continue adding and then complains if someone she don't know annoys her.
    Note:Misinterpreted as the "Attention-whore"

    Attention-Whore:Classic case.Every picture-comment-status has a purpose.Likes.She will provoke everyone by saying how ugly she is in a foto with 42 filters on,perfect lighting and full on camouflage make-up so that she will be pretty enough for a like.Also complains that everyone calls a whore even though half of her pictures shows her half naked.

    Thursday, March 7, 2013

    Nerd rage!

    Lately the word"nerd" is used pretty loosely and if the girl above is one then i'm a model and i demand GQ to offer me a photo-shoot.

    But we must not complain, something that was ridiculed for a decade has gained a place in everything,even fashion.
    Suddenly "gamers" pop up without shame, people like wearing big glasses and being a nerd either means being hipster or sophisticated.There are also few who doesn't respect the "nerd" title and want just the appearance,let's see some signs that betray them:

    "I'm such a nerd!":
    Just for pointing that out means that who are just faking it.Have you ever see a minimalist say out-loud "minimalism is my thing"? I thought so...
    So just pipe down stay in your corner playing angry with your new I phone because probably you are just a hipster boy try to get laid with daddy's wallet or a girl try to cover dumbness with "nerd sophistication" 

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Tattoos today

     Ah, tattoos..

    Even though i'm young i can still remember my parents and grandparents telling that only criminals and sailors mark their body this way.For a long period of time a lot of people believe the same and then suddenly it all changed... if you had a tattoo you weren't a criminal but a member of the "cool" guys, a hip culture and a rebel to the eyes of others.

    Shoulder,back,neck even cheekbones are some of the parts of your body you can choose to do a
    tattoo.Some prefer something about a loved,some a phrase that mean something in their life or just a beautiful picture that you want to carry on you for life.

    It is one of the few times that i admire how the society had naturally evolved and learned that tattooing is not a social stigma of the wicked and just an external expression of some people.
    Butterflies,dragons even quotes is a way to tell who you are and even what you believe in.

    It is not unrealistic to say that what started in gangs ended up as a fashion statement.

    To tell the truth i don't care how it started but nowadays celebrities,athletes and even kids have a tattoo.That's kinda the problem..
    Everyone should be allowed to ink himself as long as his 18 and mature enough to judge something that will be on his body for the rest of his/her life.

    The increasing popularity of the inked skin may be good as it shows freedom of expression but it affects younger children to take irrational and reckless  choices too soon in their lives.
    Also in some businesses having a tattoo is a deal breaker, not because it is insulting in some manner but only because it is visible.

    Also what seemed as an action of rebellion nowadays, to some seems dull because of the over-popularity it has taken in a very short time period in recent years.  

    Now the artistic part..
    If you have one tattoo is an external expression but if you have 10 or even 20 is a way of life..

    These kind of people use tattoos as real life diary on their body and they are proud of it!
    If they express you there are no bad tattoos only bad choices...