Thursday, March 21, 2013

Facebook Personalities

Today i'm bitter and bored so i'll try to blend in with a Facebook personalities issue.

The stalker:Legend says that no one has ever seen him/her online, but he watches everything.If you run into him at the street he will comment about that picture you took 4 years ago and thought it was funny and you will like "whaaat?!"
Note:Some are going to avoid conversation so they won't be revealed.

The FB celebrity:Most likely girls,have about 2 million friends in 20 different profiles and still cannot manage to get 20 likes on a status.She has confused twitter with Facebook so she continue adding and then complains if someone she don't know annoys her.
Note:Misinterpreted as the "Attention-whore"

Attention-Whore:Classic case.Every picture-comment-status has a purpose.Likes.She will provoke everyone by saying how ugly she is in a foto with 42 filters on,perfect lighting and full on camouflage make-up so that she will be pretty enough for a like.Also complains that everyone calls a whore even though half of her pictures shows her half naked.

The Rich kids:College,foreign countries,Loui Vuitton and expensive cars.First world problems such as"omg it's so hot in Spain right now" are most likely to occur.They think they have a lot of friends till the sugar daddy stops giving and realize the truth and get depressed.
Note:Vary to High-class chick with Jimmy Choo heels and Crazy Boy with super fast car and self proclaimed party animal personality.

Catfish:See movie "Catfish"

Party kids:Just as the Rich kids but without the unlimited money

Hipster:Delete Instagram when you go out for a him cry.No really big glasses homeless look all over the profile till this trend ends.
Note:Fredd Perry's admirers!

The married:I know little for this but it is all about a mini rebellion most likely the husband makes to feel "cool"   ,start to socialize and escape his boring life till the responsibilities drown him and fill his life with sorrow of being married young.
Note:Some also write blogs or comment political issues,stay away!They will bore you to death

The sports Fan/Player:Anytime something happens in the sports world you'll know it.Be sure of it!
Note:Endless comments arguing about what happened in a match in 1892 are possible

The couple:They eat together,they sleep together,they go to trips together,they go to "trips" together.
You will see a lot of this, and if you pay attention to the boy you will see a tear in his eyes for not being alloyed to have a separate profile.

The Gym Fanatic/Steroidman:Having a hard childhood and not being able to hang with the cool kids at school he compensates with daily check-ins to his local gym to show how big and strong he has become so his childhood bullies won't hurt him.
Note:Give him some likes and good comments or he will continue to drink protein shakes until you do.

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