Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nerd rage!

Lately the word"nerd" is used pretty loosely and if the girl above is one then i'm a model and i demand GQ to offer me a photo-shoot.

But we must not complain, something that was ridiculed for a decade has gained a place in everything,even fashion.
Suddenly "gamers" pop up without shame, people like wearing big glasses and being a nerd either means being hipster or sophisticated.There are also few who doesn't respect the "nerd" title and want just the appearance,let's see some signs that betray them:

"I'm such a nerd!":
Just for pointing that out means that who are just faking it.Have you ever see a minimalist say out-loud "minimalism is my thing"? I thought so...
So just pipe down stay in your corner playing angry with your new I phone because probably you are just a hipster boy try to get laid with daddy's wallet or a girl try to cover dumbness with "nerd sophistication" 

"I'm watching "The Big Bang Theory" and i like it"
That's insulting..! A freaking show doesn't learn you how to be the character.I don't walk around with a knife and some plastic bags at night "hunting my next victim"Also if you are younger than 20+ to put it lightly,there is no way to fully comprehend the ALL the jokes.Because there are not for all,there are so many STAR TREK references that i can't keep up with.(Also i don't watch STAR TREK which is completely irrelevant but i like the show)PS:If you are a girl/woman,don't just don't try to play that card or at least admit you can't get all the jokes!

"I'm a gamer"
  • Gamers don't sleep at nights or days or eat or pee or..(you get it)
  • No!being level 20 at WOW doesn't make you a gamer!
  • Neither does Angry Birds or Temple Run...
  • The legend says that when you say "gamer" and Mac at the same sentence you spontaneously com-bust...
  • Sorry but if you are a girl/woman you'll have to prove by beating your boyfriend's score.. 
The Glasses!
  You thought i might forgot it..You silly scumbags..How dare you defile glasses that are meant for dysfunctional eyes for just a look.You know how much effort was put to wreck my eyes?! You know that ordinary short-sighted people can't see without them?!When i see you wearing normal glass lenses just for the look, i just wanna punch you in the eye.Just to be fair for the eye problems.

Positive fact about the glasses:Most people where afraid to wear glasses in public in fear of laughter so yeah,thanks hipster group for changing that...!

So yeah till the next rage that's it..!

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